Chris Chambers was born on August 12, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio. Under the care of his mother, Linda, a single parent, Chris and his family were able to get through difficult times with love, prayer, family support and the right guidance. Chris’ involvement in organized sports programs allowed him to overcome many obstacles and excel as an athlete and as a person.

Chris has not forgotten all the help he received as a young person and the impact that organized sports had on his development during his childhood. As a student-athlete at Glenville High School, then Bedford High School, Chris received honors in basketball, football and track and to this day is known as one of the best multi-sports athletes in Ohio history. Chris received a scholarship to play both basketball and football at the University of Wisconsin. After experiencing the rigorous schedule of two sports and a full-time class schedule, he later decided to focus on football. As a Badger, he helped lead the team to two Big Ten Championships and two Rose Bowl Championships, and was named the team MVP in 2000. The Miami Dolphins selected Chris as the 52nd pick in the NFL’s 2001 Draft and we went on to be the team’s 2001 Rookie of the Year.

In 2005, Chris experienced his best season in the NFL as he was named the Dolphin’s team MVP and was selected to his first Pro Bowl. In 2007, Chris was traded to the San Diego Chargers where he helped the team reach the AFC Championship game. After a few seasons with the Chargers, the Kansas City Chiefs signed Chris in 2009 where he stepped up to be a leader on offense and help guided a young team to an AFC West division championship in 2010.

Chris along with his family created the CATCH84 Foundation, with a commitment to help children look beyond their current circumstances by promoting self-fulfillment through recreational and educational programs.

Chris currently resides in Davie, Florida where he is married to his wife, Stacey, and where he spends time with his son and young daughter. He is in the process of taking classes at the University of Wisconsin to complete his Sociology BS Degree.

Overall Foundation Achievements/Recognitions

  • Awarded a lifetime proclamation from the Bedford Ohio Board of Education to use the Bedford High School Facility for his hometown youth camp programs in 2006.
  • Hosted 16 annual youth camp training programs for approximately 2,300 kids (ages 8 -18) residing in San Diego, Cleveland, and Illinois.
  • In partnership with Key Bank, Key to Success Scholarships Program, he awarded a combined total of $20,000 to eight High School Graduating Seniors through out the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area.
  • In partnership with Key Bank and American Century, offers annual financial literacy program to high school students’ in the Cleveland area and around the country. (200 kids served so far but the number should more than double this year)
  • Funded a brand new weight room project ($15,000) at Zion Lutheran School. The weight room is used by the football team and other student athletes at the school located in South Florida. Thousands of kids will enjoy the brand new, C.A.T.C.H. 84 Weight Room at Zion Lutheran.

2009 – 2010 Kansas City, KS

  • Donated 100 pairs of football cleats to Wyandotte High School
  • Hosted financial awareness seminars courtesy of American Century Investments.
  • Donated 300 football tickets to six Kansas City Public High Schools throughout the area.

2008 – San Diego, CA

  • Started Hoover High School mentoring program for at-risk students and hosted monthly life skills activities for those students.
  • Spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas party complete with toys for families associated with the organization.
  • Donated 200 football tickets to various group throughout the San Diego area.

2005 – 2007 Miami, Fl

  • Miami Dolphins Man of the Year Award for his off the field foundation work
  • Spokesperson for the Miami Dade County Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” Program
  • Spokesperson for the Traz Powell Stadium and Curtis Park field refurbishment projects.
  • Donated 500 football tickets to various groups throughout South Florida.