Danny Lewin, Executive Director

Danny Lewin, former Miami Dolphins Community Relations Coordinator, is the Executive Director for CATCH84. He joined the foundation in 2006 where he contributes immensely to the organizational growth. He assists the president in seeking partnership opportunities to carry-out the mission. He directs the CATCH84 administration on the president’s organizational direction, secures funding and partnerships, and serves as CATCH84 stakeholder liaison.

Shirley A. Washington, Chief Operations Officer

Shirley serves as the Chief Operations Officer providing program oversight and strategic planning activities. As a stunt advocate, she reports directly to the CEO and Executive Director on public relations concerns that impact the organization.

Key Contributors:

Linda Chambers – Office Administrator

Pleas Ray Chambers –Personnel Staffing Support and Logistics Coordinator

Alicia Daniels – DeKalb Illinois Camp Program Coordinator

Kim Washington – Events Editorial Assistant

Dan Chambers – Sports Camp Program Coordinator

Chris Walker – Sports Camps Director

Interns & Volunteers – Camp Logistics and Field Support Personnel